Port Allen Centennial: 100 Years of Progress – September 16th through October 23rd, 2016

16-paThe exhibition, 100 Years of Progress: Celebrating Port Allen’s Centennial, which highlights the 100 year history of the City of Port Allen, will be on display at the West Baton Rouge Museum from September 17 through October 23, 2016.
Originally established in 1809 as La Ville St. Michel, the settlement grew and in 1854 it became known as West Baton Rouge. In 1878, the area was renamed Port Allen in honor of Governor Henry Watkins Allen. In 1916, Port Allen was incorporated as a village, and in 1923, the village had grown enough in size to be designated a town. The town continued to grow with the addition of new subdivisions, businesses, and in 1954 the Port of Greater Baton Rouge.
Throughout its 100 year history, Port Allen has seen a steady growth in population, industry, and transportation. Port Allen has survived fires, floods, and hurricanes. The resilient spirit of the community can be seen today in the numerous festivals, parades, and community events.
The exhibit, which is presented in partnership with the City of Port Allen, will include historical photographs and artifacts highlighting the 100 years of Port Allen from the collection of the West Baton Rouge Historical Association as well as private individuals.

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