The River Rises: Historical Floods

This summer the West Baton Rouge Museum will host an exhibit commemorating the historical floods that have affected our area. Open June 3rd through August 27th, the exhibition, The River Rises, features images and artifacts from the West Baton Rouge Historical Association’s permanent collection illustrating the history of flooding from shortly after the Civil War to the Great Flood of 1927 and the last inundation in West Baton Rouge which occurred in 1949. Collin Ritchie’s images from last year’s historic flooding will conclude the exhibit.

Life in southern Louisiana is shaped in both positive and negative ways by the rivers that surround us. The rivers bring rich alluvial soil that yields diverse crops and plays a major role in the agricultural success of our state. However, living near the rivers is a serious gamble, due to the potential for the devastation caused by seasonal floods. This summer’s exhibit, The River Rises, illustrates just how dangerous our natural providers can be.

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  1. Gertrude Beauford Reply

    Yes the gentleman in the photo is my father Leonard M. Beauford, superintendent of Construction for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It was taken in March 1949 of him standing on the top of the sunken levee at the crevasse in Port Allen. I the original photo of him taken by General Peter Feranga of the Miss. River Commission. I also have my Dads letter of commendation all framed for the exhibit at the museum in Port Allen. I also wrote up my personal remembrances of the crevasse work which we visited while the work was going on in 1949. It was quite an experience being on the levee with water all around as far as the eye could see. Sincerely, Gertrude M. Beauford – 504-833-2249

  2. Gertrude Beauford Reply

    Angelique – We see our father Leonard M. Beauford, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Superintendent of Construction at the Crevasse of March 1949 in your current exhibit. We are sending you the letter from General Peter Feranga who took the picture from a boat when he was touring the area. We are also sending you our fathers Commendation from the Corps for his work in restoring the levee break. In addition I, Gertie M. Beauford, will send you my remembrances of visiting the site to see the crevasse and Dad out in the water testing the levee with the water swirling around him. The photo you have in your exhibit is one I sent you all some years ago. Sincerely – Gertie Marie Beauford and Kathy E. Beauford

  3. DeShay Day Devillier Reply

    Does anyone know who the man is in this picture? He looks like my grandfather, Flynn Day. I do know that he was friends with the photographer that took the photo. Just curious

    • Administrator Reply

      The gentleman in the photo is Leonard M. Beauford. He was one of the two superintendents of construction for the US Army Corps of Engineers. In this photo he is standing on top of the levee.

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