Permanent Collections

The West Baton Rouge Museum houses the only permanent collection of objects, photos, documents, and art that chronicle the history and culture of the entirety of West Baton Rouge Parish and the ways in which the parish relates to the state, national, and global history. Collection items range in date from the late 18th century to modern time. The permanent collection is owned by the West Baton Rouge Historical Association and supports the museum’s primary interpretive themes, which include rural life and urban development in West Baton Rouge Parish, sugar plantation history, and local folklife.

The museum has a collection of historic structures, which includes the Aillet House, circa 1830; an Allendale Plantation Cabin, circa 1850; an Allendale Plantation Cabin, circa 1870; an Allendale Plantation Cabin, circa 1950; and the Reed Shotgun House, circa 1938. The museum also collects items for the education collection that are used as hands-on exhibit objects and for educational programs. The museum’s historical research collection includes a non-circulating library of books, maps, documents, photographs, scrapbooks, and extensive files on places, architecture, families, individuals, and events that pertain to West Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas.
The following categories of objects represent the types of items in the permanent collection:

  • Art
  • Documents/Archival Materials
  • Photographs
  • Decorative Arts and Furniture
  • Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Weaponry and Military Items
  • Textiles
  • Personal Artifacts

collection_01This silk embroidered sampler is the oldest item in the Permanent Collection. It dates to the mid-18th century and is probably of Spanish Colonial origin. Samplers were made by young women to learn basic embroidery techniques as well as the alphabet and numbers.




collection_02The Aillet House contains a collection of furniture and other decorative furnishings in the Empire style, c. 1830 as well as a collection of Eastlake furnishings (c. 1880), some of which were original to the house. This image features the Eastlake bed in the Aillet bedroom.




collection_03This is what is left of the Civil War era flag for the Delta Rifles, a West Baton Rouge based company of the 4th regiment of the Louisiana Infantry. It has been carefully pieced together and conserved.


collection_04The education collection consists of items such as these reproductions of toys and games from our past.


How To Donate Artifacts

Please contact Curator of Collections Elizabeth Brantley at (225) 336-2422, ext. 206 or email to [email protected] if you have West Baton Rouge Parish memorabilia, documents, artifacts, or art to donate to the collection.